Question How does the Lake software operate within the TCP/IP protocol Answer The TCP/IP protocol suite is structured in layers. The link layer is Ethernet and is responsible for connecting to the cabling and Ethernet switches. For communication to occur, each device must have a valid IP address. The IP layer uses these addresses to route packets between devices. The transport layer provides flows of data and is used by applications to communicate with each other over the network. The Lake Controller uses UDP messaging to communicate with Lake devices on the network. Network setup and configuration is fast and easy; simply hook up all the devices on the network, and the Lake Controller software detects and communicates with all devices as required. Lake devices are configured to use Automatic Private Addressing which allocates IP addresses from the range 169.254.x.x. In most scenarios, this automatic allocation setting will not need to be changed. However, if the device is integrated into a sophisticated network configuration, the IP address allocation method can be changed using the Lake Controller software.