The overall C Series amplifier topology is exceptionally efficient, from the power supply though the output stages. Nevertheless, one must keep in mind how much power is passing through the very compact chassis.

The heat generated per watt of output is far less than with conventional designs. Lab Gruppens Intercooler® cooling system is unique in two respects. First, rather than mounting output devices on large aluminium fins, Intercooler utilises a copper heat sink with thousands of very small, louvered fins. Copper dissipates heat much more effectively than aluminium, and the thousands of small fins vastly increase the total area exposed to the cooling airflow.

Many other amplifiers mount the output devices on a heat sink in a cooling tunnel, with the coolest air hitting only the first output device. The last devices, at the end of the tunnel, are exposed to much warmer air. This uneven cooling makes the last device in the tunnel more susceptible to premature failure. With the C Series, however, all output devices are mounted in a row perpendicular to the airflow. Dual, variable speed fans force cool air into a pressure chamber, from where it passes through the cooling fins for each device. None receives pre-heated air for cooling. Benefits more efficient cooling ensures greater long-term reliability. Parallel mounting of output devices in the cooling airflow prevents premature failure of the least-cooled devices.