In typical user applications, fan noise will be inaudible except when in very close proximity to the amplifier. LUCIA was designed to be a silent as possible.  Fan operation is automatic as follows:

  • If the amplifier is delivering an average power of around 2x6 W or less, then the fans will be off when the surrounding air is at room temperature.
  • From 6W up to around 12W, the fan will operate in whisper mode, measured below 32 dBa* at 1 m distance when mounted on wall with our brackets.
  • With output greater than about 12 W, there are two additional speeds resulting in 33 dBa and 36 dBa noise levels.

In most applications, any fan noise will be masked by the higher level of the audio program.  The only exceptions might be sustained periods of high output levels quickly followed by an interval of low output level with low-level audio.