CAFÉ (Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment) is a dedicated software application for Windows and OSX that allows our amplifiers to be easily configured and monitored. In addition to providing comprehensive system surveillance and configuration of RPM and other amplifier features such as ISVPL and Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL), CAFÉ also includes valuable help to save the environment. In combination with the RPM configuration CAFÉ can accurately predict, based on the true SPL and speaker requirements of the individual loads for the given project, estimations of average mains current draw and generated heat in BTU. With our amplifiers' innovative power supply technologies (true Power Factor Correction utilizing Current Draw Modelling) the required mains draw is already best in class in relation to burst power output, but in combination with the BEL the mains draw can also be safeguarded to the predicted level. The end result is precise mains management and thermal control, which allows more accurate (rather than over-specified) provision of mains distribution, cabling and cooling. This technology suite reduces lifetime running costs and minimizes environmental impact. It also reduces demands on UPS systems. CAFÉ also features an innovative design aid: the Equipment Specification Predictor (ESP). ESP examines the system SPL and speaker requirements for a given project and aids in transforming that data into circuit and amplifier channel requirements. On a system level, CAFÉ supplies a recommendation for optimized placement of channels into amplifiers for the most cost effective solution.   You can download CAFÉ from