Question I need a digital reverb patch, where the level control, will act as a mix control. IE: Beyond 12.00 o clock, the dry signal decreases & the reverb increases. Can this be achieved in any way  Answer The knob on the Hall of Fame is an FX Level control and not FX BALANCE. That's why it works on that way: the dry signal always stays on even with the effect at its maximum. You can do what you want with the help of the TonePrint editor: Choose for instance the "TONE" knob in the "Knob Selection". Click on it. The default settings are "Reverb - Diffuse" & "Reverb - LoColor". Select "Kill dry" for the first function and nothing for the second and third. Set the rest of the reverb parameters as you want. Store your own preset as a TonePrint on the Hall Of Fame. Now, with the "TONE" you can choose to keep the dry signal until the middle of the knob in the second half, the direct signal will be shut off and only will stay the reverb effect. The TonePrint editor is located here, on the following page: Here is a picture with the settings on the TonePrint editor HOF_Kill_Dry_small.jpg