Question What are the differences between Spark Booster and Spark Mini Booster Answer They are as follows:
  • The Spark Booster has a 26dB of boost. The mini offers 20 dB of boost 
  • The Spark Booster has bass and treble controls with a center point for neutral and a 3-position toggle switch for different middle color: Fat, Clean & Middle 
  • The Spark Booster can be powered with a battery and through an external power supply. Only external power supply for the Mini because of its size 
  • PrimeTime switching for the Mini if you want to use the footswitch as a momentary switch
  • The Spark Mini Booster has such a unique look
  • Both pedals draw around 40/45 mA current
 Finally, here you will find a topic about Spark Booster's detailed specs