Question What changed in the different firmware versions of the M3000 Answer Software changes from 2.03 to 2.04:
  • Click-noise when changing presets removed.
Software changes from 2.02 to 2.03:
  • When running Pitch-algo in Engine 2 the VSS in Engine 1 gets distorted. Corrected.
Software changes from 2.01 to 2.02:
  • ROM3 and ROM4 added as choices under PrgBank in MIDI-Input. 
  • Presets #163,164,180,190 has no Easy-mode. Corrected. 
  • Spelling corrected in: #453,492 : Athmos => Atmos 
  • When preDly+revDly in VSS3 exceeds 300ms the algorithm fails. Corrected. 
  • Reverb creates noise during startup. Corrected.
Software changes from 1.05 to 2.01:
  • Scaling of X-over frequencies can create 'out of bound' freqs. Corrected. 
  • Translation of easy-parameters - esp. hi-Xover and lo-Xover leaves hi-Xover at low-limit (1kHz) and lo-Xover not under 100.0 Hz. Corrected. 
  • When you are in Linked or Glide Routing mode, and set the External Control In function to Bypass 1+2, it does not work. Corrected. 
  • Recalling a Combined Ram preset consisting of 2 Single Engine Ram presets, causes the single engine Recall page to display it as ROM presets. Corrected. 
  • Update of algo's by SR-change is NOT performed. Corrected. 
  • MIDI-clock-tracking at TAP-stock does not work. Corrected. 
  • Copy to/from card: Negative No of Records. Corrected. 
  • Power On button should be un-pressed before powerdown. Corrected. 
  • AUTOCRC-Enable not OK. Corrected. 
  • Default Clock setting must be changed from 44,1 to 48kHz. Corrected. 
  • Default Routing setting must be changed from Parllel to Dual Input. Corrected. 
  • Two new reverb algorithms are added: VSS-FP(film and post) and VSS-SR(Surround). 
  • 250 Single Engine presets are added from #251 to 500. 
  • 50 new Combined preset are added from #51 to 100 
  • In the VSS3 algorithm one new Early Reflection pattern (Club) in Small, Medium and Large settings are added. 
  • Two new RevTypes are added: FastWd and FastSt. 
  • Original preset #212 to 225 are to preset numbers above 250, new (music) presets are made for these preset places. 
  • The pop-up screen when press and hold the Recall keys at Engine 1 and 2, are changed to a Post-preset index when a preset above #250 is recalled. 
  • The post-production part of the Wizard is changed according to the new presets. 
  • The "press shift ->dial Adjust wheel one step" function, enabling jumps to the end of current or start of next preset bank, must have an extra jump added making it possible to jump from Rom1 to Rom251 and then to Rom500. Corrected.
We don't have information available on changes in software versions earlier than v. 1.05.