Question Does TC Electronic support the native RTAS plugin format for the PowerCore / Konnekt

While TC would love to support the Digidesign RTAS format, it is highly unlikely that native RTAS support will be available in the near future. However one may use our PowerCore with Pro Tools LE / M-Powered / HD through the use of a third party adapter plug-in called FXpansion VST to RTAS wrapper. For more information about that, please refer to this answer. We cannot recommend attempting to use the Konnekt plug-ins in Pro Tools as they are dependent on the TC Near audio driver being loaded (which is not possible since Pro Tools can only be used with either Digidesign or M-Audio audio I/O solutions). Furthermore, TC also has a range of TDM plug-ins available for the Pro Tools TDM platform - click here for more information.