Question For some reason ChorusDelay, TC EQ Sat & MegaReverb on Pro Tools HD under Mac OS X do not have any factory presets. What is going on

The presets are actually installed, but the access rights are not set correctly for the preset folders by the installer. Specifically, the folders "TC Chorus", "TC EQsat" and "TC MegaReverb" in the "Plug-in Settings" folder are missing the executable ("x") flag to be readable. To fix this, go to the /Applications/Utilities folder, open the Terminal application and change to directory listed there to the "Plug-in Settings" folder by typing:
  • cd /Library/Application\ Support/Digidesign/Plug-In\ Settings (press the RETURN key)
Then type the following 3 commands (in turn). After typing each line you will be asked for your root account password:
  • sudo chmod -R a+x TC\ Chorus (press the RETURN key)
  • sudo chmod -R a+x TC\ EQsat (press the RETURN key)
  • sudo chmod -R a+x TC\ MegaReverb (press the RETURN key)
This will change the permissions on the folders give you access to the preset folders.