Question Where can I find more information regarding CD Mastering

Bob Katz mastering booklet is available for download from the TC website by clicking here. Another good book to read would be: The Mastering Engineer's Handbook written by Bobby Owsinski. Everything you've always wanted to know about the art of music mastering is now available in one book! Peek into a top-flight mastering house and see the tools of the trade, explore the secrets of making hot masters, and learn rules for frequency balancing and dither. Learn how CDs work and how they're made, and relive mastering history with a separate chapter on mastering for vinyl and how records are pressed. This book extensively covers stereo mastering and also looks into the future with an expansive section on surround mastering and multi-channel delivery. Features interviews with such mastering giants as Bernie Grundman, Bob Ludwig, Glenn Meadows, Doug Sax and others. Also, you should check out Bob Katz Digital Domain website.