Product name: ND-1 Nova DelayItem #: 960610011 / 960610051 iB Mod Item #: 960611011 Description in system: Nova DelayDescription of function: Delay pedal with presets. Item above/below:  Above: Nova System Product webpage: Server page Common faults / issues: N/A Common questions: Differences-between-Flashback-Delay-Nova-Delay-and-Nova-Repeater From-which-serial-number-is-it-fitted-with-the-iB-Mod- Presets-do-not-keep-the-programmed-delay-time Nova-Delay-not-showing-all-presets Nova-Delay-Nova-Repeater-Audio-quality-differences Nova-Delay-True-bypass Resetting-presets-to-the-factory-default Does-it-have-Kill-Dry- How-to-calibrate-the-input-level Nova-Pedals-Remote-control Delay-time-in-BPM DynaMix-not-working-correctly Holding-down-TAP-TEMPO-switch-mutes-audio   Included Accessories:
E60507011: Manual Nova Delay US 1 Pcs
E50001911: 12V/5W SMPS Adapter base PowerPlug12B 1 Pcs E60507111: Manual Nova Delay EU 1 Pcs
E60000020: PRINT Guitar Giftbox Pamphlet 1 Pcs
E60507111: Manual Nova Delay EU 1 Pcs
Optional accessories: N/A