Question My polytune clip tuned everything up a half step for no reason. I tuned the guitar and when i went to check it the second time through, everything was a half-step high. what's going on with it Answer If this happened while using Poly tuning (strum tuning) then you likely have your Polyphonic response set to a different key.  If you press the Tune Mode Button once, the current tuning will be displayed (-- E -- for standard tuning). Pressing the Tune Mode Button repeatedly will cycle through the following tunings:
  • --- E --- Standard tuning
  • Eb All strings tuned down 1 semitone
  • D All strings tuned down 2 semitones
  • Db All strings tuned down 3 semitones
  • C All strings tuned down 4 semitones
  • B All strings tuned down 5 semitones
  • F 1 Capo at first fret
  • Gb 2 Capo at second fret
  • G 3 Capo at third fret
  • Ab 4 Capo at fourth fret
  • A 5 Capo at fifth fret
  • Bb 6 Capo at sixth fret
  • B 7 Capo at seventh fret
If you do not touch the Tune Mode Button for two seconds, the display will blink twice, and the selected tuning will be used.