Question What is the current draw for the PolyTune Mini series tuners Answer Here you go:
  • PolyTune Mini: 40 mA 
  • PolyTune Mini 2: 40 mA 
  • PolyTune Noir: 40 mA 
  • Polytune Noir 2: 40 mA
The Mini runs only with power supply because of there size. As you can see, all the Mini size PolyTune draw 40 mA which is close to the standard size PolyTune series which draw 45-50 mA. The standard size can run with a power supply or a battery.Furthermore the standard size has a DC out that can pass 2000mA. Remember that the power cables have to be rated for that amount also. Please keep in mind, that as of 2014, the PolyTune Mini and the PolyTune Noir are discontinued products.