Product name: System 6000 - Reverb 6000 - Mastering 6000 - MKI and MKIIItem #: TNA / TIN Description in system: System 6000Description of function: Item below: R4000/M3000/M2000/Finalizer96K/P2/ M-One XL/M350 Product webpage: Tech Server page: Common faults / issues:  1. Icon does not detect the frame.  - Reset IP address: - MKII : use the switch beside LED.     Power on while pushing the button :IP will be reset to (xx= last 2 numbers of the serial)      Push the reset button while the unit is on : that will reset the IP address to the current IP set by the user.  - Check battery - Check Ethernet cable. Cable must be crossed if frame directly connected to Icon CPU/computer - Standard if connected to a switch.  2. Protected data has been destroyed /articles/FAQ/System-6000-MKII-Protected-Data-has-been-destroyed-228308148 3. Transfer of preset to computer and backwards fails Use the latest icon software editor (or higher than 6.20) . The transfer did not work properly until version 6.20 4. Blue Screen on Icon (MKI) remote with windows NT message   probably  a faulty flash card >>> Send Icon + Icon remote  CPU to service.  5. In version 5.50 (MKII) There is a digital burst with DVR2 reverbs - This is fixed in version 6 6. (8.11.2013) Digital burst with Reflector in 5.50 and 6.00. Similar bug to the DVR2 bug in 5.50, There is a beta available that fixes the problem. Please contact NCH if a customer needs it.  The burst occurs only after the first power on, if a reflector preset is loaded and you switch to another preset.  7.  (8.11.2013) problem with Icon software (versions 6.xx and 7.xx)  and Icon CPU MKI : It is not possible to copy a bank from or to a PCMCIA card-  When trying to copy the user bank to a card bank, the following message comes : "preset format not valid" - For the moment there is no fix -  work around : use Icon Editor on PC or MAC, or icon CPU MKII - Note: It is still possible to load a preset from the card.  8. (february 2014) - Bug in Icon 7.02 and 7.3 with MAtrix 88 : The IN page is not accessible in the MATRIX algo. will be fixed in Version 7.5   Common questions: UPGRADE Why upgrade to a MKII  How to upgrade to MKII  Checklist before sending the unit to upgrade  SOFTWARE UPDATES How to check software versions in the unit   INPUTS/ OUTPUTS analog I/O's bypasses the  signal in an intermittent way CABLES Replacement TC Icon Cable Remote to CPU  ALGORITHMS Is it possible to save a print in Backdrop Overview of unwrap Documentation on MD4 Overload indicator stays on       Accessories Included Accessories: AES cable - SUB25 to 8 x XLR.  Optional accessories: ADA 2496 - Up to 3 can be fitted                                          AES8 : 8 extra digital I/O's - Note some very early frames (between 285001 and 285500) might not be modified to receive the card.