Product name: TonePrint EditorItem #: TNA / TIN Description in system: N/ADescription of function: Software for creating custom TonePrints on the following products: Alter Ego Delay, Arena Reverb, Flashback Delay, Flashback X4, Gravy Chorus, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, Shaker Vibrato, Vortex Flanger, The Dreamscape, Trinity Reverb, Transition Delay Item above/below: N/A Above: N/A Product webpage: Server page: N/A Common faults / issues: Common questions: Supported operating systems iPad-Editor-Compatible-with-Apple-Lightning-connectors- Why can't I store my TonePrints on my computer  Can I share my TonePrints with others  Can I save my TonePrint as an mp3 and beam it to the pedal  Is it compatible with OSX Mavericks  Feedback and feature suggestions  Is the TonePrint Editor compatible with the BG250-BH250 I turned the type selector and now my settings are gone Alter-Ego Echorec TonePrint Numeric key input problem Mac Does the Editor work with the Trinity, Alter-Ego, Gravy and Arena pedals Why are there so few parameters to choose from  How do I close the Editor on Mac How do I create a TonePrint for song X by artist Y Pedal is not recognized and the Editor is greyed out Problem with entering response curve values and units manually Top of the Editor window is cut off (Mac) Why is there no FX-type selector for the Hall of Fame and Flashback  PolyTune or PolyTune Mini Compatible with the TonePrint Editor for software updates  Can I modify an existing artist TonePrint  Can-I-load-my-pedal-settings-into-the-Editor- Included Accessories: N/A
Optional accessories: N/A