Question I am trying to update frame to 4.02 version, but I the update fails. The unit writes a RESBOOT.TXT file on the disk with the following text inside: Processing H8 boot control file commands. Serial no. 28xxxx :-----------------------------------------------------------*LDH8A filename M6KAPPL.M6K option -F Load file : M6KAPPL .M6K Bad Application!!------------------------------------------------------------ Finished What does that mean  Answer This is because you are trying to load the wrong frame application. The original System 6000 existed in two basic version which were Reverb 6000 and Mastering 6000. Both came with a different package of licenses and that is what the frame application defines. If you have a standard Reverb 6000 and you added Mastering options, the basic frame application will still be the Reverb 6000 application. In the example from the question, the unit is a Reverb 6000, on which a user tried to load a Mastering 6000 frame application.  The solution is to load the Reverb 6000 Frame application instead, which can be downloaded from here. You would get a similar message if you attempt to load a Reverb 6000 frame application into a Mastering 6000 unit. The line would specify "LDH8A filename R6KAPPL.M6K..."  instead. Applications for Mastering 6000 can be found here.