Question Where can I find PowerCore 1.6.1 for Windows 98 SE, ME and 2000

Answer Please note the following:
  • These drivers are only for the PowerCore Element / PCI. PowerCore Compact / FireWire / X8 / 6000 / Unplugged / PCI mkII will not run under Windows 98 SE, ME or 2000.
  • We are no longer offering any support for these drivers.
To get the latest Windows drivers for the PowerCore Compact / FireWire / X8 / 6000 / Unplugged / PCI mkII please click here.
PowerCore driver version 1.6.1 for Windows 98 SE, ME and 2000 (both files are required) Windows PCore161SetUp Windows PCore161WDM For more information on getting a hold of 24/7-C, ClassicVerb and MasterX3, please click here. Please note: 3rd Party plug-ins from D-Sound, Sony and Waldorf do NOT need to be updated.
Update enhancements in v. 1.6.1.
  • PowerCore 01 now supports "No-Latency" mode in Windows
  • Personalized Plug-Ins (Master X3 and DSound's VL2) now run on multiple Powercore boards in a system.
  • A DSP incompatibility between some TC Works Plug-Ins and the DSound VL2 has been fixed.
  • PowerCore boots predictably on in Windows 98 and ME machines.
  • Better PCI performance for use with M-Audio PCI I/O devices.
  • Graphic editing in ChorusDelay and MegaReverb has improved.
  • MegaReverb and ChorusDelay now run with 96kHz in all applications.
  • Loading a 44kHz song containing TC01s in Cubase would overload the DSPs when Switched to 96kHz. This has been fixed.
  • Removing and inserting Plug-Ins in 96kHz now has a consistent DSP load.
  • Adding Plug-Ins when using a 96kHz sample rate now works more reliably in systems multiple PowerCore boards.