Question  What signal feeds the "Direct Out" XLR connector of the BG250 Has the master  volume any incidence on the level of this output Answer If you connect the Direct Output  (XLR) to the PA, the master volume of the amp has no incidence on the level in the PA - The master volume only controls the level in the bass cab speaker(s). You can still choose to have the Line Driver output set to:
  • Pre- EQ : The bass signal passes through the gain, the tuner, the mute and feeds  the Direct Out 
  • Post - EQ : the signal also passes through Tone controls, Tubedrive and toneprint effect before being sent to the Direct Out 
In both cases the input gain has an incidence, so it should correctly be set from start and not touched once it is done. Also the Mute function will also mute the DI output in the PA. The Direct Out level is at a low level to match a microphone input on a PA mixer. This is the same with all DI boxes.