Question I can't get the whammy to work with my expression pedal. The pedal is compatible as the screen reads the pedal input values (0-127). The pedal has been calibrated but I can't get it to work. How do I set this up

This is how you do it:
  1. Make sure you've chosen the Whammy algorithm in the PITCH block.
  2. Press the MOD button. Now you can adjust the settings for modifier no. 1 (M1). With the inner right hand dial choose ">Learn<", and push the dial (ENTER). The display should now flash with the message ">>>>>>Learning<<<<<<".
  3. Now, move the pedal. The display should now stop flashing, and read the value of the pedal input (0-127), meaning that the correct source (your pedal) has been attached to one end of the modifier.
  4. Push the inner dial again. Scroll with the outer dial to "PIT Pitch", and set it to M1. Now you've attached the other end of the modifier, and everything should work correctly.