Question I am interested in buying the Flashback Triple Delay but I was wondering if it has a spillover function like the flashback X4. Answer Yes, like the Flashback Delay X4, the Flashback Triple Delay can provide a delay spillover effect. The pedal has two bypass modes: True Bypass and Buffered Bypass. How to change the bypass mode is described under Switching the pedal from true bypass to buffered bypass mode. Please see the user manual on page 29. When the pedal is set to True Bypass and you switch off the currently selected preset, the delay will immediately be switched off. When the pedal is set to Buffered Bypass and you switch off the currently selected preset, the delay will be allowed to fade/ring out. The spillover function acts differently on the Flashback X4 as it does on the Triple Delay. To get the benefit of the spillover function on the Flashback Delay X4, you should not switch to another delay preset right after having switched off a preset, otherwise you will cut the spillover. However, on the Triple Delay, you can switch on and off the 3-delays any way you wish, and you will still get the spillover effect, regardless of the mode you chose: parallel or serial. Please see where the 2-dip switches are located on the PCB on the picture below. The bypass mode is set with the dip switch 1. Please see this FAQ to know how to remove the underneath plate to access to the dip switches and which tool you need. Alter Ego X4 Dip Switches.jpg