Question How do I update to PowerCore 1.6.1 for Windows from a previously installed version

First of all, click here to download the latest PowerCore drivers for Windows. There are two items you must download prior to installation. These include both the PowerCore plug-ins and the PowerCore drivers. Click here to download both of these files to your desktop or to a location where you can find them later for installation. Extract the "" to a folder on your desktop. You will need access to this folder during installation. Once you have downloaded the plug-ins and the drivers, perform the following steps:
  • Select the following from the menu: Start \ Settings \ Control Panel \ System \ Hardware
  • In the Hardware Menu, Search for "POWERCORE (WDM)" under the "Sound Video and Game Controllers" item.
  • Right Click on the POWERCORE icon and select "Properties".
  • Select the "Driver" tab and then press "Update Driver" Select "Display list of known drivers" and then press the "Have Disk" option.
  • Browse to the location of your (extracted) POWERCORE drivers. These should be on the desktop already. Select the "PCore.inf" file.
  • Press OK as many times as required by the OS.
  • If required by the OS, restart your computer.
  • To install the supplied plug-ins, double click on "Setup.exe" from your desktop.
  • Read and confirm the license agreement and continue.
  • Follow the instructions on screen.