Question Is it possible to obtain notes other than roots, thirds and/or fifths using Voicelive2 Is the machine able to recognise complex chords (6th, 4th, etc) and harmonize the voice consequently

Answer The VoiceLive 2 can either detect harmonies (NaturalPlay) from a guitar, MIDI keyboard or an audio source (such as a backing track) or you can input the key and scale manually by holding down the Harmony button and pressing the Preset up/down footswitches. If the user then goes into the Edit menu to the Harmony tab, one can set the key here as well as set each of the four harmony voices to whichever musical interval the user desires - from two octaves below to two octaves above (therefore, notes other than roots, thirds, and fifths). If being used with the NaturalPlay mode (automatic key detection from a guitar, keyboard or audio source) the device generally needs to 'hear' a clear root and 3rd note in order to be as accurate as possible in creating the harmonies. However, if one were to custom set the harmonies manually, there is no reason why the VoiceLive 2 should respond as desired.