Question When I try to move/copy a preset in the Presets tab, if I click on 'Apply Changes', it seems that  the changes are not applied to the pedal, it stores only the changed name. What's going on

Answer For VoiceSupport,  there's often confusion over the preset A/B locations and how they relate to the preset numbers in VoiceTone Create XT. First, to access all the presets, you have to be in 10 preset mode, as the manual describes on page 25. Then, the A/B relationship is: 1A = 1 1B = 11 2A = 2 2B = 12 and so on ... If you've got your presets the way you want them in the box and have done a "Get Data", I'd save them to an archive, just to have a solid backup. Then do a "Copy" from the archive to the location you want to save the preset in the "Working Data" space. Once that's done, do the "Apply Changes". When it's done, be acutely aware of whether the footswitch is in Preset or A/B mode. If the footswitch has been pressed/held and is in preset mode, you may have saved a preset into the "B" slot, but be looking at the "A" slot, but in preset mode both lights are lit and you can't tell if you're on A/B. Press/hold Preset to make sure that you're seeing the right A/B. Only the A or B will be lit in this mode.