Question Whilst using the FX150 I set my required Reverb, Level, and EQ settings. However, when I switch off the unit and come back to it and turn it on again later, these settings are not as I had left them. What am I doing wrong How do I store settings so that they remain after I have powered down the FX150 Answer In short, to do you this, you must make sure to press the relevant button again (so that the blue lights surrounding the Edit knob disappear).  For example, let's say we want to edit the Reverb level of Channel 1: we hit the Reverb Level button and set the level to where we wish, by using the using the Edit knob. At that point, we should then hit the Reverb Level button AGAIN in order to store this setting permanently. If you have done this correctly, on powering down the unit and switching it back on again, you should find that your Reverb level is exactly where you last set it. This exact same principal applies for the EQ and overall Level buttons of each channel. In summary, the corresponding button must always be pressed again in order to store the desired setting!