Question Please explain the 'Higher' and 'Lower' terms in VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch, Harmony-G, Harmony-G XT and Harmony-M etc.

These names define the harmony arrangement in the current preset. The following list describes the typical voicing intervals produced by Harmony-M, Harmony-G and Harmony-G XT:
  • Higher - Generally a 5th interval or 7 semitones above your voice.
  • High - Generally a 3rd interval or 5 semitones above your voice.
  • Low - Generally a 4th interval or 5 semitones below your voice. This is the same as the Higher voicing only one octave below it. 
  • Lower - Generally a 6th interval or 8 semitones below your voice.This is the same as the High voicing only one octave below it.
  • Bass - This deep voice remains on the root note of your current keyboard chord even when your voices pitch is moving up and down.
  • Octave Up and Down - Follows your voice exactly 12 semitones above (Octave up arrow) or below (Octave down arrow) regardless of the chord you play.