Question I'm planning to either -
  • Buy a product in one country and take it back with me to my home country - or -
  • Buy a product online from another country and have it shipped to my home country,
Is your product warranty international

The warranty is not international. The product warranty is only valid in the country where the unit was bought, except inside the EU, where a product bought in one EU country carries full warranty inside all EU countries. This means: were the product to break while under warranty, it would have to be shipped to country where it was sold from, to qualify for warranty service. Any warranty claims must be made either the point of purchase (the dealer / reseller) or the nearest TC office.
Obviously, when purchasing from online auction sites such as eBay, please note it's not the eBay site you log into that determines warranty coverage (ie. or, but the country where the authorized reseller is located.