Question My harmonizer doesn't respond to key transposition on my keyboard. What is going on

Apart from note data, there is another, separate MIDI message that is used for transposing - meaning: the notes themselves appear the same but the transposition value is transmitted separately. TC Helicon units (see list of affected products below) do not respond to that transposition message, unfortunately. The only workaround would be to set up the transposition, on the harmonizer, as well as your keyboard.
The concerns the following products:   VoiceTone Harmony-M   VoiceLive 2 / VoiceLive 2 Extreme Ed.   VoiceWorks   VoiceWorks Plus   Quintet (discontinued)   VoiceLive (discontinued)   VoicePrism (discontinued)   VoicePrismPlus (discontinued)   VoicePro (discontinued)