Question I have an issue with my TC Electronic BMC-2 : although there is "light" at the TOSLINK digital out I can't get audio from this output. The receiver recognizes the sample frequency, I have tried several (between 44.1 and 96KHz) to no avail. Is my unit faulty Answer By default, the main output for BMC-2 is assigned to the Analog outputs and the ALT (for alternative output) is assigned to the SPDIF coaxial output. You can assign ALT to TOS instead of SPDIF coaxial.  Assigning ALT to a digital output of your choice: 
  • First disengage ALT. ALT is disengaged when the ALT buttons LED is not lit. 
  • Now select the digital output format you would like to assign ALT to by pressing the SPDIF, ADAT or TOS button in the Input Select section. 
  • After selecting the desired input, press and hold ALT. 
At first, the format previously assigned to ALT is lit. After approximately five seconds, the newly assigned format will blink. Do not release the ALT button until the LED is lit steadily again. The new output set is now assigned to the ALT function.