Question Is it possible to burn CDs with Spark

All versions of Spark are great for preparing playlists for CD. To burn CDs, you can export a Spark playlist into several Spark compatible applications. To Burn a CD from within the Spark application, you need an additional CD burning software such as Roxio's Toast or Jam, or even Apple's iTunes. After selecting your CD Burning application in the Spark preferences, simply press the CD icon and Spark will automatically create a playlist image and open the selected CD Burning application. The image is automatically imported into the the other application. Version 2.7 of Spark XL and Spark LE Plus added direct CD Burning. Of course it is still possible to use an external CD Burning application, but it is not unnecessity. From version 2.8.1, Spark XL and Spark LE Plus and upwards multiple CDs from a single Playlist is supported. Please note: the entire Spark line has been discontinued since March 2004.