Question I would like to know if the Viscous Vibe is able to reproduce effects other than Uni-Vibe*. Answer Yes it is possible. Indeed the Viscous Vibe is not only able to emulate the "Doppler sound" of a Leslie speaker but many other modulation effects. First of all, the Viscous Vibe has a 3-position mini toggle switch on it for you to choose between Chorus/TonePrint/Vibrato effects. In the TonePrint editor, there are templates for Chorus and Flanger effects as well as Uni-Vibe* sounds. Once you have loaded one of these templates, you can use it either as it is or modify it to create a custom TonePrint.  In the TonePrint Editor there's a whole modulation section with several selection possibilities such as Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato etc - there are a ton of accessible parameters. In that section you can also set up a magnificent effect, based on modulation. That's not the only thing. You will notice that the Vibrato, Chorus and Flanger effects can sound conventional or sometimes they can sound different than would usually expect. As you can see in the TonePrint editor, there are 2-sections:
  • Viscous Vibe
  • Chorus
The idea is that both sections are editable separately but you can also mix the effects from the vibe section and from the modulation section together. With that in mind, just imagine the potential of the pedal and the fantastic effect possibles! *The product name used in this webpage is a trademark of the respective owner, which is in no way affiliated with TC Electronic. This trademark is used solely to identify the product whose tones and sounds were studied during the development of TC Electronic's Viscous Vibe.