Question Is there a manual of the Triple C upgraded to version 2.02

Unfortunately, a manual for version 2 is not avaliable. Here's a quick overview of the changes that have been made from 1.02 to 2.01:
  • Expander Added. Expander can be turned on/off in the I/O menu.
  • Individual Thresholds. The three thresholds of the multiband compressor can now be set individually in the Edit menu. The frontpanel Threshold works as an overall master for the three thresholds.
  • Menu interrupt removed. The menus are no longer interrupted by tweaking frontpanel knobs.
  • Startup: Frontpanel knobs are read at startup, meaning that the frontpanel knobs are equal to the actual parameter value.
Additionally, we have added 15 new factory presets, to represent the new functionality.