Question I cannot update the frame application: the M6000 led flashes red/orange and the floppy drive stops reading the frame disk

Answer From version 1.50 and higher, there are 2 different frame applications :

Mastering 6000 Reverb 6000 If you have downloaded the wrong one, the mainframe will not accept it. If you are not sure of the version of your Mainframe, you can check the Licence page:

  • If the first licences of the page are Stereo- and Multichannel Reverb, you have a Mastering 6000.
  • If on the opposite these 2 first licences on the page are Stereo- and Multichannel Mastering you have Reverb 6000.
Please note: On frame versions lower than 1.50, the mastering licences will be named MD3 and MD 5.1.