Question I just bought my TC Electronic TonePrint pedal. How can i find out if it has the latest firmware on it Answer To check the firmware update which is currently on your pedal, connect your device to your computer through USB port on the device. Open the TonePrint editor. Click on the "i" in the bottom, left hand corner of the editor window. Here you'll find the serial number and firmware version of your pedal. For example lets look at the Flashback Delay:
  • Go to the support page for firmware download:
  • Download the latest firmware update.
  • Run it and check. It is written in the update: "This software will update your Flashback Delay firmware to from the  current version to R1806"
You should see 1806 both in the TonePrint editor and in the latest firmware update. It means that your pedal is up to date with the latest firmware . If the firmware version of your pedal is lower than the firmware update on our website, you can carry out the update.