Question Whenever I open an audio file in Spark, it will create an additional file, with the same name, but with the extension ".ovw". What is this file for Can I delete this file

The ".ovw" file is an waveform overview file, that Spark does generates for quickly scrolling within the file and for opening files quickly. You can delete this file, but re-opening the audio file in Spark will than take longer. If Spark does not find an ".ovw" file, it will automatically create a new ".ovw" file when it is opened.Spark XL features improved overview file management. In the General Preferences, you have the following options for managing your overview files. "Within Temp Folder" will store all of the overviews in Spark's Temp folder, which you will want to occasionally clear using the "Clear Folder" command in the Preferences. If you select "Within Sub Folder Next to AudioFile", a folder called "OverviewFolder" will be created in any folder that contains audio files that are loaded into Spark. If you select "Next to AudioFiles", overview files will be located in the same place, next to the audio file, as described below.