Question I own a Ditto Looper and I experience issues when powering it. I use a Carl Martin Pro Power that operates perfectly well with all my other pedals. However, when I connect my Ditto Looper, I have to switch to 12V to make it work properly. If I power it in 9V (as it should be), it disconnects randomly after a few seconds: when I am recording a loop or even just playing it, the pedal goes back to by-pass.  Moreover, when powered in 12V, even though the Ditto looper works OK, it makes some of my other pedals disconnect randomly. What is happening Answer Indeed, despite the minimum power required which is 100 mA for the Ditto Looper, it's better to use a power supply that can deliver more than this minimum requirement. Let's say 200 or 300 mA. This solution is better than trying to power with more than 9V DC because using too high a voltage can damage your pedal. Our pedals are not protected against over voltage or reverse polarity. This FAQ is relevant for every pedal, especially digitally based pedals such as the Hall Of Fame, HOF Mini, Flashback Delay and Mini, and Ditto Looper and Ditto X2, etc.
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