Question I would like to update my Reverb / Mastering 6000 MKII from a Mac. How do I do that Answer Here is the quick explanation:
  1. Download the files from the update page.Create a folder at the root of your Mac (Macintosh HD) with the following name S6Kupdate. Copy the 3 different update files in this folder
  2. Install the latest TC ICON Editor For Mac
  3. Connect the Mainframe M6000 to the Mac using the crossed ethernet cable
  4. Set the following manual IP adress on your Mac: (xxx is comprised between 001 and 256)
  5. Open the Icon Editor - The frame should be detected
  6. Go to FRAME/ SYSTEM / UPDATE and choose "FRAME" button
  7. Type in the line "/S6Kupdate" to indicate the path. You should see the file in the box below
  8. Press UPDATE - The M6000 Led will flash red while updating - When it turns green again, the update is done
  9. Do the same with the "DSP" and "ethernet" tabs