Question How do I upgrade the EQ Station & Motofader-64 to the latest software-versions

Please go to this page to download the latest software. 
Update instructions
  • UnZip the 4 files in attached zip-file to a folder on your PC. It's important that you place all 4 files in the same folder.
  • Besides the 4 unzipped files you need a PC and a crossed Ethernet cable (the later is supplied with EQ Station).
  • If you are uploading through a switch use straight Ethernet cable.
  • Remember to download the Software uploader application.
Two different applications must be loaded:
  1. EQStation_V2.30.ach
  2. Moto_V2.30.bin
How to upload the software:
  • You need a PC and a cross-over Ethernet cable and the EqUpdate.exe uploader application (version The current uploader application is attached in the downloadable software package.
  • Connect the PC to the EQ Station using the Ethernet IN connector of the EQ Station.
  • Set the TCP/IP address manually at the PC to: (Do not set the IP address on the PC to the same IP address as the EQ Station)    
  • Power up the EQ Station.
  • Check at the EQ Station, System/Network page that the TCP/IP address is set to: address will differ when EQ Stations are networked together) and that DHCP is turned off.
  • UnZip the files in attached zip-file to a location on your PC. It's important that all files are in the same folder.
  • Start up the EqUpdate.exe application
  • Select the EQ Station serial-number in the "Select Device" box found top right. If no Serial-number appears, then press REFRESH. If it still doesn't find any EQ Station, check IP addresses on both PC and EQ Station and if the Ethernet cable is working and plugged correctly
  • When EQ Station serial-number is selected, press BROWSE and locate the EQStation_V2.30.ach file.
  • Then press UPDATE, and wait until a pop-up box shows up, telling you that the software is loaded:
IMPORTANT: DO NOT POWER OFF UNTIL THE "FINISHED LOADING SOFTWARE" DIALOGUE BOX APPEARS ON THE PC. When software is loaded, Power off/on the EQ Station and check at the boot-up screen or the Setup/Device information page that the software version is now: 2.30. How to upload software for MotoFader-64:
  1. Connect the MotoFader-64 and EQ Station with supplied RS232 cable. Power up the EQ Station.
  2. Press and hold the OK key at the MotoFader when powering up. The MotoFader will now show a blank display.
  3. Connect the PC to the EQ Station using Ethernet as described above.
  4. Extract the Moto_V2.30.bin file to the folder containing the software upload application
  5. Start up the Software upload application.
  6. Select the EQ Station on the list that the MotoFader is connected to.
  7. Browse to find the Moto_V2.30.bin file.
  8. Hit Upload.
  9. Wait until the PC reports: Software uploaded.
  10. Power on/off the MotoFader.