Question i just bought the Flashback X4 and I am happy with it but when I turn off the pedal by pushing the A button the tap tempo LED stays on, solid red. Is this normal  Answer Yes, everything is working fine on your Flashback X4. If you push on the A preset footswitch, you do not turn off the pedal,  you have only turned off the effects because no presets are selected. To confirm this, you should still get the dry signal passing thru the Flashback X4. Since the Flashback X4 has no power switch, in order to turn off the pedal you simply have to disconnect the power supply cord from the pedal. The solid red light on tap tempo LED means that the tempo (delay time) is set so fast that you cannot see the LED flashing. There are two ways to change this:
  • Simply turn the delay time knob clockwise to set a longest delay time thus a slowest tempo.
  • Use the tap tempo footswitch to tap a slower tempo.