Question I have a new G-Major 2 with software version 1.3. Why isn't that version available for download from your website   Answer There are two hardware versions of the G-Major 2:
  1. The older hardware version (old mainboard) includes a SPDIF I/O. It was originally loaded with software version 1.00, and later updated to version 1.02. Consequently,  version 1.02 is available for users that are still in version 1.00. Version 1.02 is the latest version for old mainboards. 
  2. The new mainboard without a S/PDIF I/O runs with version 1.3. All new models already have software version 1.3, so there is no need to have this version for download. Beside we don't want owners of the old version to load version 1.3, because their G-Major 2 wouldn't work.
This means: 
  • If you have a G-Major 2 with S/PDIF I/O, latest version is 1.02.
  • If you have a G-Major 2 without S/PDIF I/O, you should keep version 1.3 and not attempt to "downgrade" to version 1.02.