Question I would like to know what the differences between the Flashback X4 and the Alter Ego X4 are. Answer The Alter Ego X4 uses the same DSP and AD/DA converter as is used in the Flashback X4. All Flashback X4 artist TonePrints and templates in the TonePrint editor are compatible with the Alter Ego X4. Both have the same features regarding connections, MIDI and features: i,e loop mode, tap tempo, delay trails (in true bypass mode),  3 presets and 4 slots for TonePrints. Both have the same size. The color pallet and appearance are of course different. The Alter Ego X4 differers primarily from the Flashback X 4 in that it is essentially a special version of the Flashback X4, specialising in vintage delays. If you take a look at the delay type selector on the Flashback X4 and on the Alter Ego X4, you will not find the same delay types on each pedal. Even if you compare the "2290 MOD" or "REVERSE" available on each pedals, they do not sound similar - the Alter Ego X4 has the best  sounds in terms of tape, analog and digital delays. Furthermore,12-delay types on the Alter Ego X4 were expertly crafted in collaboration with ProGuitarShop. Those special delay types are not available on the Flashback X4 Delay. By the same token, the Flashback Delay X4 contains some different delays which are not available on the Alter Ego X4. In conclusion, let's say the FlashbackX4 is a classical delay pedal with the most used delay sounds. While the Alter Ego X4 reproduces the most famous vintage echos. Here a video of the Flashback X4 Here a video of the Alter Ego X4  Tel_Ray_Super_Organ_Tone_Small.jpg It doesn't ring a bell Curious Please click here