Question When I connect a mono signal to one of the line inputs of the Impact Twin (i.e. from a mono preamplifier), I cannot get it to be in the center in direct monitoring. Is there a solution to that   Answer Impact Twin line inputs 1/2 and 3/4 are paired for stereo. So you will not be able to monitor a mono signal in the center (as is possible on the Konnekt 24D) while recording. But the recording itself will be correctly done in a mono channel of the DAW, as each line input has its own Firewire line to the DAW (FW 1 to 4). As a workaround, you can try the following: 
  1. Use one of the front inputs: as long as the incoming signal is not too hot, this should be the solution.  
  2. Monitor in mono while recording - In the master section of the TC NEAR control panel,  press the mono option. You can also push the button located above the output pot until the "mono" LED lights up.