Question How do I control which harmony notes are generated, based on the input note on my VoiceLive 2

  1. From the Set Key/Scale screen, select CUST for custom. This can be done by pressing/holding Harmony, or within the Harmony edit screen. Make sure that Global NaturalPlay is OFF in the Setup menu and that NaturalPlay is set to SCALE in the Harmony edit menu.
  2. About 2/3 of the way down the Harmony edit screen, you'll see MAP IN SOURCE and MAP IN NOTE.
  3. Choose MANUAL for the MAP IN SOURCE.
  4. Select the MAP IN NOTE that you want.
  5. When you select the MAP IN NOTE, the V1-V4 MAP OUT NOTE selections will change (on the next line down) to show which note is the output note, based on the input.
  6. Change whichever voices you like. +1A would be up one octave and an A, for example.
  7. Then, change the MAP IN NOTE to a different note in the scale and adjust the MAP OUT NOTES for the voices again.
  8. Obviously, choosing a scale close to what you want will reduce the number of MAP IN/OUT NOTES you'll need to change.
  9. If you select No Change from the V1-V4 MAP OUT NOTE selections, that note is ignored and no new harmony note is produced. The previous harmony note will be maintained.
  10. Press Store twice to save the new custom scale to the preset.