Question I can't find the archives that I have created for my product in VoiceSupport

If you can't find your Archives it's likely you've updated your TC-Helicon product to a new version of firmware that is not compatible with your old presets. To get access to those presets: 
  1. Downgrade your firmware to the version you used to make the Archives. 
  2. Click the preset page, your archives associated with that firmware will be accessible. 
  3. Click Export. 
  4. Select where you want to export to using the Browse button. 
  5. Select Export data as All Presets. 
  6. Set Export Source to be the name of the Archive you want access to when you upgrade your firmware. 
  7. Upgrade to the new version of firmware, rescan when your product has rebooted. 
  8. Select your product, and click the Preset page. 
  9. Select Import. 
  10. Browse to the file you exported. 
  11. Select the destination as Working Data and click Start Import. 
  12. When presets have been imported into the Working Data click Apply Changes.