Question VoiceLive 3 has 3 "layers". What does that mean Answer There are 6 foot-switches on VoiceLive 3. In order to give you maximum access to various effects and controls, we created a system that allows you to move between a Vocal, Guitar and Loop "layer". Each layer contains effects/controls for that specific layer. So, on the Vocal layer you'd have access to vocal effects. Press the Layer button and you have access to guitar effects. Hold the layer button and you enter the multi-track looper. You can even remap buttons on the Vocal and Guitar layer, allowing foot-switch access to effects that aren't there by default, like Synth, HardTune, Wah or Rhythmic. If you're extra adventurous, you can even remap buttons from one layer to another. Want the vocal harmony button available when you're on the guitar layer No problem. Remap it!