Question Under the Setup menu, on System page 4/8 there is a Pitch Pipe Level parameter. What is this for Answer The Pitch Pipe Level setting does not belong on the Play Electric and therefore should not be there. This is simply a mistake inherent to firmware version 1.1.00 Build 14. A "Build 15" amends this mistake and removes the unnecessary Pitch Pipe Level parameter. There is not yet an "official" Build 15 available on VoiceSupport, but a BETA version exists, which is attached at the bottom of this FAQ. After you've downloaded it you'll need to run VoiceSupport and select the sysex file under the option "Load a sysex file manually to your device" After you have loaded it, you will find that the  Pitch Pipe Level parameter has disappeared! Please note: there is no support officially for BETA firmware, so you use it at your own risk.