VoiceLive 2 has received a number of updates over its lifespan, some of which expanded flexibility for routing its output via different output modes.  The output mode of your VoiceLive 2 can be changed in its"Setup" menu, on the "I/O" tab, with the "Output" parameter.As of VoiceLive 2's latest update (firmware build 156 released in 2013), here's a breakdown of how the output modes work:
  • Stereo - The Left and Right XLR outputs are used together to output a wet stereo signal, panned left and right respectively.  This is the best mode for taking advantage of big reverbs, pingpong delays, and panning multiple harmony voices.
  • Mono - The Left XLR output sends a summed mono signal of your wet/effected mix.  The Right XLR output sends your dry/unaffected output as a mono signal with the exception of Tone which is still applied.  This is useful when a live sound engineer wants to control the balance of wet VS dry in the mix (in this case, set LEAD MUTE to ON).  In this mode, the Dry will be mixed with the Wet in the loop.
  • Dual Mono - The Left XLR outputs the wet/effected vocal signal.  The Right XLR outputs the wet/effected guitar signal. This allows you to have a sound tech control the level balance between wet vocals and wet guitar.  In this mode, the Vocals will be mixed with the Guitar in the loop.
  • Loop Mono - The XLR outputs are the same as in "Mono" mode - outputting a wet mix on the Left XLR output, and dry vocals (with Tone) on the Right XLR output.  In this case there are 2 channels of looping, one for the Wet and one for the Dry channels - that way, a sound tech can still control the mix between wet VS dry.
VoiceLive 2's maximum looping time is affected by the output modes, as well as whether you have the looper's "Undo" function on or off (Setup -> VLoop -> Undo):
  • Stereo Output, Undo On - 15 seconds
  • Mono Output, Undo On - 30 seconds
  • Stereo Output, Undo Off - 30 seconds
  • Mono Output, Undo Off - 60 seconds