Question How do I record a loop

  1. Visualize How long will my loop be For example, maybe you want to beat box a simple 4 beat rhythmic bar. Or you may want a 4 bar melody. Generally its best to keep the initial loop small (later youll learn how to extend small loops into bigger ones). Lets assume a single 4 beat bar. Count in your mind One Two Three Four at the tempo you desire. Its important to feel comfortable before proceeding, because once you set the length of your loop, it stays that way until you trash it and start again. On the other hand, right now youre just having fun (hopefully) so who cares if you dont get it right the first time.
  2. When youre ready, youre going to hit the record icon and start singing your vocal loop at exactly the same time. For your first experiment, the moment you hit the record button start chanting something like one two three four. Now this is the tricky part: After you chant four keep a very even rhythm and pretend youre going to repeat one two three four again but press the record button at the exact same time you say one for the second time. After that you can stop chanting. This will establish the loop. Try it now!
  3. If youre lucky, you should be hearing a recording of yourself chanting one two three four over and over again in a very steady loop. Congratulations!
  4. Clean up Press the trash can to erase everything. Start again from Step 1 and have some fun chanting or singing something else. Try varying the length of the loop each time. For example, see if you can get a seamless beat boxing loop happening!