Question On my VoiceLive 3/Extreme the harmony vocals are dropping out, especially when I move away from the microphone or sing softer. Why does this happen and how do I fix it Answer There are a couple of things that could happen. The things to check first are: Under 'setup->input' confirm the mic gain is set to an adequate input level, use the level meter to confirm this. It should be solid green and bouncing into amber (red is also ok if it is for a moment only).Select 'setup->Tone->gate', and set this to off. See if this solve the issue.  Many of the effects in the device are level dependent, if you do not have enough microphone gain for your lead vocal, it can effect these processes. The second thing to check: Under 'setup->guitar' confirm the input gain is set to an adequate level, use the level meter to confirm this. Set the gate to off to see if this improves the issue. Just like the vocal, if you do not get enough guitar signal to guide the harmonies and pitch correction, it could effect how the harmonies track. Once you have determined if either of these are the issue, you can go back and adjust the vocal and guitar gates until they sound as they should without any drop outs.