Question Whats the difference between MIDI correction and MIDI shifting

MIDI correction is used when you would like to dynamically supply a correction scale or cluster of notes for correction whereas MIDI shifting is used to directly and absolutely shift the input signal to a single incoming MIDI note. In MIDI correction mode, the pitch correction effect looks at an octave independent cluster of incoming held MIDI notes (as opposed to a factory or custom static scale when in the other correction modes), finds the closet note to the input pitch, and finally corrects the input based on the correction parameters (Attack, Window, etc). When the shifter is receiving MIDI, it overrides everything (with the exception of naturalization effects like Vibrato and Inflection) to absolutely shift the incoming pitch to a single target MIDI note. To summarize:
  • MIDI Correction - Octave independent correction to multiple notes.
  • MIDI Shifting Absolute shifting/re-pitching based on monophonic input notes.