Question I'm having difficulties syncing presets while updating firmware on Mac OS. How do I resolve it

This workaround applies to users of Mac OS 10.5.x (Leopard) and 10.6.x (Snow Leopard.) Problem After uploading firmware to my TC-Helicon product using VoiceSupport, the application stalls part way through the automatic preset loading process. Solution
  1. Before loading a firmware update, turn off your product (VoiceLive2, etc.)
  2. Run VoiceSupport
  3. Click the VoiceSupport button with the TC-Helicon logo at the bottom left of the application window.
  4. Select "Options" and then select "Manually Initiate Download".  Click "Ok" to confirm the changes.
  5. Turn on your product.
  6. VoiceSupport will detect a MIDI device change, so rescan the MIDI devices (TC-Helicon Button->Manage->Scan For Devices).  Alternatively, just restart VoiceSupport.
  7. When the TC-Helicon device is detected you can follow the normal firmware update procedure.
  8. On the product, adjust the Dump Rate parameter (in VoiceLive 2 this is accessed using the Setup Button->MIDI tab) to "Delayed".
  9. In VoiceSupport, click on the Presets tab and you can now use the Get Data button to request the presets on your product which is the first step in using the Import/Export etc. features.
The Dump Rate parameter will remain over power cycles of the product so you don't need to adjust it again when using VoiceSupport. If you prefer to have VoiceSupport automatically load presets from your product each time it runs, see Step 4 above and instead of clicking "Manually Initiate Download", click "Automatically Download When Product Connects".